New Opportunities for People with Learning Disabilities at Trindlemoss

Trindlemoss Day Opportunities in Irvine connects people with learning disabilities to new ways to be active within their own lives and their communities.  A variety of activity is underway to link people with chances to develop skills that will help them in their journey towards work or other vocational activity.  This reflects the profound under-representation of people with learning disabilities in employment, as highlighted in recent work by the Fraser of Allander Institute, despite their right to and wishes for these kinds of opportunities.  As part of its response to this, Trindlemoss Day Opportunities was lucky enough to receive wonderful support from Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) Ayrshire and guidance from Walter Smith MBE to purchase a barista machine, with the intention of training people in its use, and giving them the chance to use those skills on site and in catering at external events.  This work has been branded under the name ‘Baristamoss’ and has already successfully delivered coffee making services at events across North Ayrshire, including at Lockhart Academy.  In addition, Trindlemoss has set up the ‘Glam Hideaway’: a dedicated room on site where people can gain new skills around topics such as hair and nail care, again with a view to building employable skills.  Both initiatives were formally launched with the support of Sheriff Iona McDonald, Lord Lieutenant of Ayrshire and Arran, and North Ayrshire Provost Anthea Dickson, on the 9th of June.  These new vocational opportunities sit alongside a growing variety of arts-based activity and community collaborations at Trindlemoss, including a poetry and art exhibition in the Harbour Arts Centre throughout September.  All this work shares a common aim, with regard to making the gifts and skills of people with learning disabilities evident and accessible to communities, in the interests of fostering greater inclusion for all.

Linda McClymont, Manager, Trindlemoss Day Opportunities, Irvine