Merck Inspires Next Generation of Scientist in Ayrshire Students meet local scientists and learn about contamination through hands-on science experiments

The Curiosity Cube, a retrofitted shipping container transformed into a mobile science lab, toured Ayrshire from 23rd to 27th May 2023. 46 Merck Irvine employee sparked curiosity in over 500 students. With the support of the Ayrshire Developing Young Workforce (DYW), the Curiosity Cube visited Ayr Academy, Loudoun Academy and Auchenharvie Academy. It also stopped at the Merck Irvine Site for a family day with employees.

During the Curiosity Cube visit, students had the opportunity to interact with local STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) experts to learn all about surface, food & beverage as well as environmental contamination. As one S2 student at Auchenharvie Academy shared, “I like the microscope experiment and how you can look at contamination. I definitely recommend the Curiosity Cube to any school or student interested. I enjoyed the learning activity outside the classroom.”

Mr. Marwick, a teacher at Auchenharvie Academy, shared, “It has been so lovely to see all the pupils fully motivated, engaged and enjoying the experience at the Curiosity Cube. I have got a few pupils who struggle to remain concentrated in class but at the Curiosity Cube, the motivation levels are through the roof, so thank you.”

Kelly Foster, Merck Irvine Site Director, joined a Curiosity Cube school visit and added, “The Curiosity Cube gives our employees an opportunity to give back to their communities and sometimes, the school where they studied. This is our way of ensuring that young people in our communities understand more about science – to SPARK the interest in them early. This way, we can encourage kids who might have thought otherwise about pursuing a career in science.”