The Ayrshire Apprenticeship Challenge is back!

Organisations and College Apprentices across Ayrshire are invited to enter the challenge, by putting forward individuals or a team of Apprentices (2 or more) to come up with a project that will benefit the local community.

If you are an apprentice, this challenge is not only an opportunity to build your personal profile, but also to utilise the skills you have learned as an apprentice and adapt those skills to benefit the community. This can take you out of your comfort zone of ‘what you are used to’, but hopefully this is as rewarding as it is beneficial to your skill set.

If you are an employer, this challenge is an opportunity to showcase the talent at your organisation and give back to the local community from a corporate perspective. Not only will your apprentices experience a learning curve outside of their ‘usual’ work tasks, but they will develop their soft skills in communication with various stakeholder and pick up some other skills along the way – such as financial management and community engagement.


Benefits to apprentices:

  • Opportunity to showcase your skills in a different way
  • Participate in training workshop for presentation skills
  • Gain project management, problem solving, presentations and teambuilding skills
  • Chance to network with other local apprentices

Benefits to employers:

  • Opportunity to give your apprentices a new challenge to participate in
  • Apprentices gain experience in project management, problem solving, presentations and teambuilding
  • Opportunity to promote your business on social media
  • Give back to your local community
  • Showcase the talent of your apprentice to other Ayrshire businesses

The timeline for the Challenge this year will be as follows:

  • Registration Deadline – Friday 28th April
  • Portfolio Submission Deadline – Friday 25th August
  • Presentations Workshop – Ayrshire College Friday 1st September
  • Presentation Judging – Prestwick Airport – Friday 15th September

To register please read our PR Guidelines and complete the Registration Form and return to

For more information on the Challenge please refer to the FAQs or contact Wilson Barrie.