Spring into Action – Update from Lorna Gibson Spring 2023

As we move into Spring and you all start to look forward to Summer and the holiday season, please remember that this is such an important time for our young people. As they move further through their education journey, or perhaps leave education, they are having to make such important decisions about their future. Whether to move into further education, an apprenticeship or straight to fulltime employment, these are tough decisions to make, and even tougher, if they don’t have a good knowledge of the opportunities that await them. As employers, educators and parents, it is our responsibility to help with this.

We have industry sectors that have critical skills gaps, aerospace, health and social care, hospitality, rail, engineering to name a few and we must make sure that our young people are aware of these opportunities and career pathways. DYW Ayrshire is here to provide a link between employers, educators and young people and through our initiatives such as Young Persons Guarantee, Work Experience Programmes, Innovative School Projects and Curricular Connections we can help to bring these career opportunities to young people, and bring young people to industries and employers.

We can’t do this on our own however and need as many employers as possible to engage with these initiatives to succeed. We know businesses in all sectors are facing challenges just now and putting time and effort into initiatives with young people can sometimes slide down the priority list but the rewards are significant.

If you would like to engage in an way, no matter how small, please contact DYW Ayrshire and we will help you to help our future workforce.

Lorna Gibson, Chair, DYW Ayrshire