Sector Spotlight – Health and Social Care

Sector Spotlight – April 2022

Our April Sector Spotlight had a focus on the Health and Social Care sector. Throughout the month we featured videos alongside various resources for a young person to find out more about careers and pathways within the this sector.

The businesses who supported our campaign throughout the month of April were Thistle Help, Crossroads, Early Years Scotland and Agincare. These businesses provided career insights by showcasing their jobs, what they do and how to get started in this industry.

Another great source of job role information is the My World of Work Website which is a useful platform for young people to connect their skills and interests to different job roles. It also showcased job profiles providing information on the job role, the salary, working hours and more. We used My World of Work to feature job information on some of the roles involved in the Health and Social Care sector spotlight to highlight the different activities within this industry. As well as this, we provided a DYW Ayrshire jobs board featuring current vacancies within this industry, recruitment open days, courses and workshops with Ayrshire College. Tying these in with the videos for this sector spotlight gives routes and pathways for a young person to get started within this career.

You can catch up on our past DYW Ayrshire Sector Spotlight’s by visiting the news page on our website or by following the hashtag #DYWSectorSpotlight on social media.