On 21st March 2024, DYW Ayrshire were pleased to announce a new event in partnership with East Ayrshire Council’s Education Services Department, Pathways to Careers.

This event was the first of its kind within this authority and invited young people from across the local authority as well as their parents/carers and educators to explore stands and learn more about the wide range of careers available within Ayrshire.

This event was held at The Park Hotel Kilmarnock and ran from 5.15pm – 8pm with the first part of the event being exclusively open to those with additional support needs or languages barriers.

DYW Ayrshire would like to extend their thanks to the 59 employers who volunteered their time at this event to engage with over 300 attendees. We are delighted to announce that after the success of its pilot, this event will return in March 2025.