Fusing Art and Science – Scottish Maritime Museum

“In October the Scottish Maritime Museum held a unique opportunity for senior pupils in local Secondary Schools. The event built on our existing partnerships with glass artists and the British Society of Scientific Glassblowing and in support of our current exhibition programme.  

Fusing Art and Science included an exhibition tour and talk with local artist Keith Salmon and sound engineers Graham Byron and Drew Kirkland. The pupils explored how 2D art was combined with soundscapes in their ‘Painting with Sound’ exhibition and were invited to try out sound mixing during the session. 

British Society of Scientific Glassblowers Chair Robert McLeod and Dr Ayako Tani gave live glassblowing demonstrations with a few pupils getting the chance to be hands-on and investigate the skills behind scientific glassblowing, which is sadly, today, on the Heritage Crafts Association’s Red List of Endangered Crafts. 

Finally, Glass artist and City of Glasgow College Lecturer Eilidh McKenzie was joined by award winning glass artist Steven Graham to demonstrate their process and talk careers in the creative sector and further education opportunities.” Claire Munro, Scottish Maritime Museum