Egger Barony’s The Great Egger Make Off 2022

On 2nd November, Egger Barony hosted a Mechanical Engineering competition for S4 – S6 students in schools across Ayrshire.





Each school was tasked with entering one team for the chance to win £2,000 worth of technical equipment for their school.


To design and build a mechanical solution to sort hack chips, sawdust and recycled material into separate groups.

Each team was given £500 to spend on the project. The teams were required to demonstrate how their solution worked during the judging process.

The pupils brought along their entries on the day and assembled the projects in their teams,  in the Mechanical Workshop at Egger Barony. All the entries were fantastic – a huge well done to all the teams! Thank you to our judges Heiko Lichtblau (Technical Director) and Jack Trayner (Technical Engineer).




We would like to congratulate the Kyle Academy who won with their prototype! The pupils were awarded £50 per student as well as £2,000 worth of technical equipment for their school. We would also like to congratulate Greenwood Academy and Stewarton Academy who were the runners up and also received a monetary prize. Amazing work from all of the participants!

The pupils were delighted to take up the opportunity of a tour of the plant – what a hugely impressive operation, and right on our doorstep in the heart of Ayrshire!

A big thank you to everyone involved on the day at Egger Barony for their time and for creating this competition.