Egger Barony’s “Make Off” Challenge 2022

Three Ayrshire schools took part in EGGER Barony’s ‘Make Off’ competition, which was hosted at its plant in Auchinleck, East Ayrshire. Stewarton Academy, East Ayrshire; Greenwood Academy, North Ayrshire; and Kyle Academy, South Ayrshire, all submitted a team.

The schools were asked to design, calculate, and manufacture a mechanical solution to sort hack chips, sawdust and recycled material into separate groups. Each team had up to £500 to spend on materials to build the solution. The teams presented their submissions at the plant and had to demonstrate the process during the judging process.

The Ayrshire Developing the Young Workforce team was on site, and EGGER’s Plant Management team was the judging panel.

The judges were impressed by the creative designs and efforts from the entrants, noting that each team had created a completely different design, yet all were viable options.

The teams, and their supporting teachers, were given the opportunity to tour the East Ayrshire site. This gave them an insight into the process involved in the manufacture of EGGER’s wood-based panels and the engineering involved. More specifically, they saw where their separation solution would be involved during the production process.

The winning team was Kyle Academy, supported by the Principal Teacher of Design and Technology, Sarah Cooper. They were awarded £2000 worth of equipment for their school’s technology department and each team member received a £50 voucher.

Both Greenwood and Stewarton Academies received £1000 worth of equipment for their technology departments, with each team member receiving a £25 voucher for their participation.

All of those involved enjoyed the challenge, the site visit to EGGER Barony, and their prizes!

Hopefully it was inspiring for some of Ayrshire’s future engineers! Katrina McEwan, HR Senior Specialist

The winning submission: