Developing the Young Workforce at Glencairn Primary, Stevenston

Our first ever careers fayre was a huge success. The support from local employers was overwhelming, with many showing an interest in attending this event annually.  The stalls were brimming with information, goodies and the employers quickly developed a rapport with our children of all ages and stages. We were impressed by the children’s ability to pose relevant questions to employers from the local area. This event inspired many of our pupils to consider their future options and it encouraged their ambitions.


Another focus this year has been on tackling gender stereotypes. We taught this in a number of ways including presentations from employers such as Ashleigh and GSK. All classes undertook an activity and we used this to gauge their understanding of this issue, we were pleasantly surprised to note that many of our children did not have pre-conceived ideas about specific male and female job roles in the labour market.  Following lots of input in assemblies and in class many of our children can explain what a gender stereotype is, have challenged opposing views and know that there are many possibilities for them in the future.


Nicola McEvoy, Glencairn Primary School