Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce Work Placement

We have been delighted to host our very own flexible placement this academic session. We have had Matthew from Prestwick Academy on a flexible placement with ourselves since October. Matthew has been a great addition to the team and fitted well during his time with us. It has been very rewarding for the team to see Matthew’s progression from starting with us to finishing his placement.

“My name is Matthew I am an S6 at Prestwick Academy. My work placement is at the Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce.

The thing I enjoy the most is the environment that I work in. The staff are very helpful and friendly. They are all so nice to me and will always make sure I know what I am doing, and that they are here to help. I also enjoy the tasks that I am given such as spreadsheets as I am currently studying Admin & IT at school.

So far, I have learned about what an office environment is like, which I was very curious about before I started. I have found out all the different roles that everyone has in the office, and how they all work as a team.

My experience of being on this placement so far has been very fun and interesting. I have always wanted to work in an office, and to get the opportunity to get that experience before I have left school is so beneficial for me.” Matthew, Prestwick Academy