The Way Forward 2045

Here from Wendy Pring, Climate Ambassador and Founder about their experience having signed up to the Young Person’s Guarantee:

“We are officially zero! And making it easier for everyone being able to be net zero! 😅

After a year of the #YPG scheme our two modern apprentices officially opened phase 1 of The Way Forward 2045’s offerings- our sustainable takeaway! Very proud of their drive to create a solution to support everyone to take part in our net zero time. Welcome to @20:45 a new way to shop!

Offering speciality coffee’s; herbal teas organically grown-extensive list- but starting today with nettle, peppermint, chamomile and lemon balm!

We also have the popping tea offering- and watch this space while we create sustainable healthy ways for this current craze to be made! Our waste fruit and veg smoothies coming too with some additional zing and goodness to create tasty recipes.

We have some sweet treats vegan and locally baked too.

And we also have the wonderful milk from Mossgiel Organic Farm to add richness to all our drinks alongside some oat milk for those who prefer this! Offering sustainable choices.”